Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your tutors?

B.O.O.K.S. SSE's are:

  • High School National Honor Society students

  • High School and College students who excel in subject specific areas

  • College Education majors

  • Community Professionals


Can you accommodate my special needs child?

Depending upon the needs of the child, please contact our Director.

Do you run background checks on your volunteers?

Yes we do. All volunteers must annually submit their Child Abuse History (Act 33) & Criminal Background Check (Act 34) Clearances.


Can I request a specific type of tutor?

We try our best to match any specific requests that a parent may make such as a request for a female or male tutor etc... Our goal is to provide the most qualified SSE possible; one that will also be able to bond easily with your child and quickly make progress in the learning process.


Do you require any long-term contracts?

We do not require long-term contracts, though fluctuation of your child’s needs throughout the year depending on their course load may vary. Therefore the length of time each individual child needs services may be longer or shorter based on his/her progress.

Is there a fee for this service?

Fees will be assessed for all tutoring sessions. Our Director will be happy to discuss our rates. 

What type of assessment do you use?

Our director will perform an academic assessment prior to your child being tutored. This will identify the exact areas of instruction that are needed most. She will review the results of this assessment and you will be provided a copy of the results upon request.


How soon will my child’s grades improve?

As his/her confidence increases after the first few weeks of services, you will begin to see your child’s interest and understanding of the subject improve and grow. Results will vary for each student depending on variables such as:

  • The student’s motivation level 

  • Where the student currently stands in relation to the requirements of their class

  • Specific subjects

  • The number of weekly tutoring hours provided

How many times per week?

Days of tutoring will be Tues-thurs 3:30-4:30. The number of times per week a child will be seen depends on the needs of the student. Up to three days/week.

Will you tutor during the summer? Where? How to schedule?

Summer B.O.O.K.S. will run July 1 – the first week of August and will target students who will be repeating their current grade along with students still struggling in specific areas.

Do you work with my child’s school teacher?

In many cases, your child will be recommended by his/her teacher our tutors will contact your child’s school teacher to discuss specific objectives, future assignments and test dates and any other information that will help us better tutor your child.